TMPC Publications

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Gromek KA, Suchy FL, Meddaugh HR, Wrobel RL, LaPoint L, Chu UB, Primm JG, AE Ruoho, Senes A, Fox BG (2014) The oligomeric states of the purified sigma 1 receptor are stabilized by ligands. JBC, 289(29):20333-20344. PMID:24847081 / PMCID:PMC4106346

Jarecki BW, Makino SI, Beebe ET, Fox BG, Chanda B (2013) Function of Shaker potassium channels produced by cell-free translation upon injection into Xenopus oocytes. Scientific Reports 3:1040. PMID:23301161 / PMCID:PMC3539143

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Relevant CESG Publications (from PSI-I and PSI-II)

Beebe ET, Makino SI, Nozawa A, Matsubara Y, Frederick RO, Primm JG, Goren MA, Fox BG (2010) Robotic large-scale application of wheat cell-free translation to structural studies including membrane proteins. N Biotechnol 28(3):239-49. PMID:20637905 / PMCID:PMC3035758

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